Saturday, July 16, 2011

Life Time Fitness Minneapolis Race Report

The LTF Triathlon in Minneapolis was a great experience for me. My dad flew in from Cleveland to watch me race for the first time this year! The complimentary night's stay at the Egan Best Western was the main draw AND I threw in a lavish dinner at Chipotle to thank him for driving me the bike course. I also hung out with a new pro (and semi-sherpa), Patrick Davis, who helped me piece together my bike's headset, gave me nut butter, and let me tag along for the pre-race swim and ride.

I was excited for the beach start and decided beforehand that I wouldn't tip toe into the water. Earlier this season, the Escape from Alcatraz start off the ferry intimidated me, and my timid dive did little for my starting position. I got after it at the horn (blue speedo in center):

The secret to nabbing cool race photos, such as these by Eric Wynn, is to enter the pro division in the LTF series races and WALA.

I was out in front for a hot second after the dolphin dives and then the swimming Sara's skirted by. I settled with good company and we had a pack of 5 out of the water.

Out of T1 (photog Steve Stenzel):
It was a predictably hard on the bike (note: it's generally... hard). I'm getting used to keeping up with the other women. The pre-race course drive with my dad was much more scenic than what I remember from the race.

I didn't realize how hard the bike effort was until I got to T2 and had a hip flexor spasm after putting my run shoes on. I had a split-second freak out, then followed it with a couple walking steps which helped it subside.

The run felt like survival with my quads on the verge of cramping and the mental monkeys kept me company.

Highlights from the run portion of my race recap to my coach:
  • My legs were not happy
  • At mile 5 I thought I might throw up, and I had lower stomach cramps
  • I YEARNED for the mile 6 sign
hahaha so dramatic. I enjoyed the swim and bike more than the run, but at some point I'll be able to carry through to the end--I finished 4th! My legs were sore for many, many days (sadly, the post-race massage I looked forward to was pushed aside for drug testing). Soon after my dad and I hit the road. Oh, and I picked up a happy meal in Chicago on the way back to DC. :)

This past week has been a real break with only a dabbling in each sport. The break ends TONIGHT with an 8k running race where I will go after a SLOG RECORD.