Saturday, February 18, 2012

Snowbird Flees DC to Florida via Cleveland (Part 1)

I am writing a column for the DC Triathlon Club and my first post is about abandoning the ranks of part-time-pro triathletes by leaving my "real job" to become a professional triathlete. There will be no more dragging my ass to the track in Ballston from Cleveland Park at 5:29 AM after 6.25 hrs sleep... even if it is to be in the presence of greatness.

Here it is:

Bonus material for the cross-post complainers:

The empty nest:

Padonek showing off his guns.

Of course, my share of the drive took place on the PA turnpike, 90 minutes of which was in a snow squall. Our dialogue looped through this:

Dad: You're fine.

My health declined precipitously over the day, so once in Cleveland, my dad ordered me not to train, or else I would be worthless at unloading the truck. My Uncle and one of my dad's friend answered the call of duty to help unload. My bedroom furniture will be 'stored' in a spare bedroom, thus we moved this hand-made bar to the basement, rather than the curb, despite my protests.A Jerdonek family heirloom.

Here's a saw that careened down the stairwell as we moved the bar downstairs. It really had no place in the stairwell, and no place in this post, but look at how scary it is.

While in Cleveland, I titled my car and must show all you DC-ers the parking lot outside the motor vehicle's bureau which is a stark contrast to the thousands who descend on the Georgetown DMV on an hourly basis.

I like the trend on blogs where the author poses a question to their readership and encourages comments. SO, how many more hours per day will I dawdle between workouts, now that I am full time?