Friday, May 1, 2009

Learning to SUFFER

In last weekend's DOWNHILL 10k race, I fell 63 (miserable) seconds short of holding the Getting the Work Done 10K PR. GOOD JOB LAUREN. For now you are still the hunted!

The following is an excerpt from my chat with Lauren on Tuesday:

Lindsey: this morning I had 2 x 20 min zn 4 bike
I STOPPED after 8 min on the second round
not completely but just finished the workout in zone 2
I couldn't even hold 230!
Lauren: that is okay. just hold what you percieve to be z4!
this is where you get strong. as pataky have to learn to really SUFFER on the bike.
Lindsey: I did not suffer
I was weak
I know this now
Lauren: that is okay...i get weak too!
esp in pool
we have to keep reminding each other to suffer!
today i had swim workout 3x(3x100s on 1:25, 2x100 on 1:20, and 100 all out).
but MATT made me drop the intervals to 1:20, 1:15, and all out
and i cried like a baby about it being so hard and failing the set by not coming in on the right interval.
matt's response: the pool is now starting to overflow with your tears. STFU
Laure: yeah it was pretty funny
the chick next to me was like "whoa does he always talk to you like that"
and the masters coach was like "you need matt to swim in your lane more often" HA

Since this chat, I have pushed through the hurt and tiredness. Last night I enjoyed zn 4 biking with my friend Ryan. With 90 seconds to go on the last interval, he mentioned that he was in a world of hurt. I thought to myself: GOOD. MAKE HIM SUFFER!

But don't take it from us - below are Jens Voigt's thoughts on the matter. He gets going at 1:28 in the video:


  1. meters. that was meters. clearly.

  2. At least I could utter some kind of words during that last interval (even if they were, "I am in a world of hurt") you kept silent the whole time... It must have been the extreme oxygen debt that you were in and unable to speak!

  3. That video of Voigt is *prime*. How did you search for that?! I will bookmark that one for when the summer swagger turns to summer slog (the traditional definition of slog, not the modern SLOOT usage).

    8 out of 10 modern-day parents need to watch this and incorporate the mental toughness lesson in their parenting. Kids today are too soft! (Cut to SNOW making excuse for taking extra break time between swim intervals).

  4. "shutup body you do what I tell you"

    That's awesome.