Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Who Cares? I DON'T

re: our slog posts, Lauren and I are now striving for quantity, rather than quality

Lauren gifted the following suit to me last year, but I'm generally too timid to EVER wear such a spectacle to the YMCA. I WORE IT TODAY (the employee break room overlooks the pool so even my front desk buddy KJ noticed and commented... goodness):

The following slog-worthy chat illustrates how we must LOOK OUT FOR OURSELVES AND TAKE OUR LIVES INTO OUR OWN HANDS:

Lauren: dude. i've been carrying around my MRI results with me for the past week in hopes I will run into someone who can read them. SOME people carry a purse with lipstick and emergency advil. I CARRY MY EMERGENCY MRI RESULTS

Lindsey: lol
when I went to deep creek lake [memorial day wkd, biking w/ friends] I brought my own kosher salt, cracked pepper, pan, spatula
and the full henckels knife set!



  1. The danger suit is a date eliciting suit. You should wear it all times....even on your daily trips to costco.

  2. Man... LAHP has MRI issues and ECS packs a kitchen with her for a weekend jaunt into the pastoral east coast countryside. Hey Purse... find yerself a _real_ wilderness and get really lost... :D

    BTW... the Bitteroot mtns of Idaho/Montana top what even we've got here in the CO...

  3. Hook the fans up with an EM race report already! Quantity over quality!!!!!!!!!

  4. Don't do anything crazy like post on the blog.