Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Promise, Mtn Lion Jersey & Pumpkin Consumption Tips

I PROMISE to do an injury post soon, detailing what I have learned and CONTINUE to learn as a result of two muscle strains incurred over the past 6 weeks. I haven't run trained during this time, which is frustrating, but it is what it is. I will share what I have learned on GETTING THE INJURY UNDER CONTROL by doing things, like active release therapy, trigger pointing on your own and aqua running to maintain run fitness (when it doesn't irritate the muscle strain!). Lindsey, are there things you should NOT do?   why YES!  Do NOT walk endless miles of DC streets with a backpack and whole foods paper bag crammed with heavy items (jars of nut butters, grapes, winter squash, etc.) without cash so you can't take a cab home. More on that later...

but first, 

SLOG JERSEY:  Lauren, a self-professed animal lover, sent me purchase details on the mountain lion jersey pictured below.  Roughly 25% of GTWD blog (slog) readers find this web site by searching for images of bob cats and javelinas on google.  These people don't linger here long--the avg duration of their visits are 0-1 second.  I think we can capture this audience for longer by offering mountain lion jerseys, of course with some kind of slog twist.  To appeal to the tri crowd, perhaps "slog reader" can grace the back of the jersey... or "Please don't draft me.  I'm trying to GTWD."  I am not at all surprised, but these jerseys are currently out of stock on amazon.  In the meantime, please comment below if you are interested and suggestions on how YOU would like the jersey customized.
PUMPKIN:  Pumpkin spice lattes are available at SBUX.  SLOG TIP.  Get the pumpkin spice misto, commonly known as a cafe au lait.  Compared with the latte, it is lower in cals... since it's 1/2 coffee and 1/2 milk and cheaper.  Alternatively, bum a couple sips off your visiting aunt's latte while on your morning commute to work.  No fashion tips, here.  I store my credit card/ID/costco card in a ziploc.

MORE PUMPKIN:  canned pumpkin is in season and I'm currently mixing it in EVERYTHING.  oatmeal.. cottage cheese (it just LOOKS gross)..  cranberry sauce is also a nice mix-in to give it some sweetness.  you're welcome.


  1. I go offline for 90 minutes to do a trainer ride and come back to my fellow slogger making a mockery of my great find on amazon.com? The horror. I challenge you to purchase and wear one of these, purse.

  2. This post? TJS!

    "canned pumpkin is in season" -- Do canned pumpkins grow in the ground like their more famous (and 100% organic!) counterparts? Or are they tree fruits?

    Ding-ding-- I like the misto tip! At starbucks, I don't do anything ending with an "ay" syllable at the end of it. That goes for cafes, lait, grande, etc. Nay, I get the plain and simple coffee in what they like to call "venti" but that I have creatively coined as "large." I love the pumpkin-flavored stuff but strAY from it because it is loaded with kilo-cals I'd rather get from hard-boiled E's. A mist-O sounds like just the ditty to do me right. Thanks, Platinum!

    I have a customization tip for the jersey: "Fear the Bobcat" in honor of our bobcat-chasing hero Lauren. Everyone knows that's a bobcat on the front of the jersey, after all.

  3. 1) Nut butter just sounds funny

    2) Amazing picture of you wearing the helmet while sipping coffee. Pretty appropriate, I'd say. Life is a full contact sport, never forget it

  4. I'm speechless.

    Well, not really. (Does that EVER really happen?) Funny stuff. Of course, being equally fascinated with animals that can eat me, I totally want a MOUNTAIN LION jersey. Yes, mountain lion-- NOT bobcat.

    I got one more for you: Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake. Ice, Protein powder, canned pumpkin (only the in-season variety--hehehehe), fat-free ricotta (or cottage chs in a pinch), splenda, pumpkin pie spice, and a splash of soymilk. Water to thin out. I think I got it all. Drink and be merry.

    You're welcome.