Monday, March 22, 2010

The SlooTs Reunite in Las Cruces

Lauren and I are gearing up for Day 5 of training camp with Paulo and the posse. Training has been PLENTIFUL: bike time in the past 4 days totals 12 hrs and we have paired that with swimming and running, of course. It's been a breath of fresh, 35 degree air to bike the NM roads with them all.

Lauren and I wait for a Mexican dinner with Sipos (of twitter fame)

Pre-ride smiles with Jacqui, who we have to thank for all pictures not featuring our hotel room or Super Walmart.

Lauren, Lindsey, Tracy, Jacqui (and Danny - the photog) take a wrong turn and transition it into a photo op during our near-5 hr ride on Saturday... all 3 of these ladies will be racing the same IM early this summer

Friday night at Super Walmart. Sorry Costco, we cheated on you.
Lauren didn't actually lift any bags into the trunk. She was saving her back for training.

Lauren's post-ride look... our hotel room in shambles...

Lauren with Michael--a Miami native who still still dresses for Florida weather