Monday, December 19, 2011

Romance Camp

We advertise in our About Us: This blog is a placeholder for us to share our race reports, attempts to balance full time jobs and training, moods, comparisons between East and West coast living, love lives (or at least Lindsey's as Lauren is married and off the market) and random bits of enlightened thinking.

INDEED, the time has come for me (Lindsey) to touch on the topic of romance. With a season full of training, travel, working, and gchatting LAHP to cause early onset of carpal tunnel syndrome, there was no time for boys. Although, I bumped into someone who is proving to be sherpa material. Perhaps one day he will be tested by the @expertsherpa himself? I can only hope... Anyway, we plan to rendezvous in DC this January, but that was proving FAR TOO LONG without seeing each other, so I boarded a plane for a 112 hr date which we called Romance Camp.

The guiding principles of Romance Camp--it's a judgment free zone (#JFZ). Always.

A lesson learned: it is better to give than to receive.

I used every trick in the book to equalize the playing field at the pool.

We even went to this GEOGRAPHIC destination:

And since the conclusion of my 5-day Romance Camp (where I shed off-season weight from excessive training, napping and pre-napping), I have been engaged in the activities printed on this post-it note:

Now we press on, awaiting Romance Camp Deux...


  1. Ok, I'm lost on this one. Are you trying to dress up a solo training camp based out of Disneyworld?? Is your secret sherpa named Mickey?.. Quiet, a good listener, has a good wave and is easily noticeable in large groups of people (crucial later in races).

  2. Ooooh a mystery slog! Give us more clues, LJ! Is mystery man from Vegas, home of a multitude of pleasure islands?

  3. I like that the concept of me having a significant other is so far-fetched that you assume I'm at training camp with a cartoon mouse.

  4. I'm also left wondering what kind of message you are sending to the recipient of the gift that says "ho" all over it. I can only speculate the level of confusion should said gift be handed off while clad in that angry birds (wtf?!) bathing suit.

  5. Direct your question to Mickey since he gave me the 'ho' gift. Also, it would have been impossible to don the phoenix suit while unwrapping the gift because that WAS the gift!

    Keep at it Sean.

  6. Big box, little suit. Love it!

    My guess is Matt Damon. He took you on a quick vaca when he needed a break from his newly acquired Zoo.

  7. Wait a minute...... the places in those pics sure look familiar; this is entirely too easy.

  8. I've thought more about this and LJ, you have the potential to become the Taylor Swift of triathlon with this. Baiting in the men, blogging about it for our entertainment, and then writing even funnier blogs about them when they're gone. (Sorry...but you'll have to dump them at some point. This is just how the game will work)

    It worked for her?

  9. Alyssa, I'll toss out men like LAHP drops eff bombs when she crosses paths with the neighborhood mtn lion. The uncertainty it will add to my life is a small price to pay for your entertainment.

    The slog could be more interactive if we let the readers decide--move fwd with this one, OR, RUN AWAY.

    ITU, it'll be great. Keep mulling it over...

  10. Perhaps LJ can crowdsource her boyfriend selection from now on. I've heard that works well.

  11. Replies
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