Sunday, July 12, 2009

In the Money

Lindsey will follow up with a race report in the near future, since she has tons of time sitting in her nest in my house while I'm at work. In the meantime, I'd like to share with you a special photo which sums up the race.

Lindsey ran her way into second place at the San Francisco triathlon, her first ITU race, simply because she wanted to stand next to Simon Whitfield on the podium. Unfortunately, the winner (my good friend Alexis Smith) in her post-race euphoria, failed to follow the girl-boy pattern of podium placement. I don't know quite know what is going through Purse's mind in this picture, but I'm willing to bet that Kevin Collington is thinking the same thing.


  1. Whooooo hooooo awesome Lindsey!!

  2. Yo girl-- nice work!! Very happy for you!

  3. Dear Lindsey,
    My name is Jeff Higbee. I'm one of the videographers for Tri-Cal TV. We created a video that showcases you competing over the weekend. You are one of the stars.

    Check out Tri-Cal TV's production of the Professional/Elite Women's Race at the San Francisco Triathlon at Treasure Island. You can link it to your site if you wish. The URL is....

    Watch Alexis Smith compete and win this great race. Also see top athletes such as Lindsey Jurdonek, Tenille Hoogland, and Jenn Spieldenner compete.
    Thanks to all who came and gave it there all at this beautiful location. We'd love to see you back again next year. Swim Bike Run, Have Fun!
    We appreciate your feedback! Watch it on

    Thanks Jeff

  4. Did they pronounce your last name correctly?

    -- TJ