Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lauren's Longhorn 70.3 Discussion

Race reports are so easy to write if you either have a killer day and destroy the field or are beset with a HUGE obstacle to overcome. Such situations provide great slog fodder and enable one to set up one's race report for a breathtaking climax followed by either a gentle denoument or perhaps an abrupt ending. Unfortunately, nothing of the sort happened at my race last weekend, so I'm once again, experiencing a bit of writer's block in putting together this report.

I flew into my ancestral home of San Antonio (REMEMBER THE ALAMO) late Friday night and met up with Purse…oh actually that is incorrect as she decided to go to bed early at my parents’ house rather than greet me at the airport with a large homecoming sign. We got up at the crack of dawn (which became the theme all weekend) on Saturday, successfully put my bike together without stripping the derailleur, and embarked upon our journey up to Austin for the pro meeting. Despite MULTIPLE GPS devices (I advise against getting the latest Garmin as the female speaker is incredibly annoying and wrong), printed directions, a previous history in driving to this very location, and my “instincts” we managed to get lost. Purse saved the day by forcing the Harrisons to pit stop at a Chevron and ask for directions. (note: most of this was copied almost verbatim from Lindsey’s thank you note to my parents)

Race day: In short, I swam incredibly slow, rode like I know I can, and just ran to finish the race. Nothing exciting happened, besides 2 "rabid' dogs running after me (which pales in comparison to mountain lions...speaking of which...recently a canadian folksinger was killed by COYOTES...which everyone has assured me do not bother with humans).

After my ridiculously slow swim, I managed to make up time on the bike leg and passed around 9-10 girls. This gave me a confidence boost, but I was unable to channel that into a strong run and did not manage to meet my run goal. I did not perform.

Upon reflection, perhaps I was more looking forward to this race as it signified the end of a season, and thus the possibility of a new and better start next year, rather than the culmination and channeling of all the hard work I've done this year into a great race day performance. I tried to argue with myself that such was not the case. I mean, SERIOUSLY, HOW WEAK IS THAT? Perhaps it is the truth, though, and this is my takeway for the race - yet another lesson learned.

I have alot of work to do this winter -both mental and physical. I used to hate the idea of a break from racing, but now I am excited to spend a couple weeks decompressing from this interesting season and preparing myself to GTWD this winter/spring. Rather than chalk this race up to yet another below top 10 performance, I'll use it. In fact, I just purchased an ASI photo of me emerging from the lake with almost NOBODY behind me in the water (go ahead, you know you want to look). This will be a great photo to laminate and paste on the pool deck for EVERY SINGLE swim workout I do next year. Should you be in the SF Bay Area, you'll know me as the weird girl who posts a picture of herself on the pool deck (as opposed to the weird girl that poses with yellow CPR dummies).

PS: I have a special shout out to Lindsey and my parents who filled in for Matt and supported me...and also to Ray for the photos that accurately depicted how I felt that day. Thanks!!!!

Sherpa Lindsey on wetsuit detail.

Motivation for treadmill running this winter.

Beginning of the death march.

Ending of the death march.

Super sherpa PURSE who was confused about the correct date of Halloween.


  1. Well still - congratulations!! You are definitely tough on yourself but my guess is, expecting the best from yourself is how you have risen to "pro" status!! Regardless, hope you enjoy your off season - swimming and all. And I have to say, the last picture of Lindsay nearly made me pee my pants. ;)

  2. LAHP, in ordering your pic, did you take advantage of the 2 for 1 Halloween special ASI is offering?

    Beth - i am ghost disguised as a jailed longhorn

  3. Way to get the work done in your rookie pro season. And I would like to request Lindsey cheering for me at some race next year dressed like that! Two cowbells AND a horn?! I bet she was the best sherpa ever!

    Enjoy some downtime before the crazy training starts again :)

  4. Charisa - The kicker is she was actually knocking out three cowbells at one point...and the horn.

    Lauren - Nice job out there in your first pro season - was happy to be able to catch you in action at the race. Congrats.

  5. Death march? 7min pace is not a death march. Somebody needs to smack her. ;) Lindsey?

    Nice job out there. It was a competitive start list and you held your own; there were plenty of strong athletes behind you.