Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween & GOOGLEWAVE Developments

Halloween affords us the rare opportunity to set pumpkins ablaze:

Undeterred by mother nature's wrath, the party host, SNOW (famed stupid blog author), revives the ailing pumpkin with the cohost/doctor.

Success. Pumpkins return to fire-breathing glory:

I brainstormed potential Halloween costumes ideas with my aunts hrs before the pumpkin lighting, resulting in this masterpiece:My last-minute costume research was thorough, however, a mild bout of dyslexia caused me to misorder the PLU code, resulting in MASSIVE confusion Halloween evening. I was incorrectly stickered as a small mutsu apple, rather than an eggplant (aubergine). Did you know that an eggplant is a fruit botanically classified AS A BERRY???

GOOGLEWAVE DEVELOPMENTS: Yesterday I accepted my googlewave invite, but am beside myself looking for the invite function so LAHP gets onboard and stops pinging me to INVITE! her. I DOn'T KNOW HOW.

Perhaps we can integrate the new platform into the slogosphere. The uninterrupted stream of slootbabble is pertinent to our training success and as Lauren already identified in her gwave request to the google team: we are a NEW BREED of athletes that HARNESS THE POWER OF THE INTERNET for training purposes. Or maybe someone can kindly add her?


  1. The eggplant costume is SWEET!

    Hah, and the pride on your face is unmistakable.

  2. sistah sistah i need invitey too!!!

  3. Lauren, expect to be "waving" soon!

  4. @uksky22 - I believe it is you I must thank for the invite i received this morning in my inbox? More later....in fact, a slog entry will be dedicated to this exciting new development.

  5. Sean, you got it right. LJ's pride in that costume was palpable as Miami humidity. When I snapped the photo, I said, "LJ, you're smiling like a second-grader wearing a new backpack on the first day of school." She smiled even bigger and asked for another photo to be taken... just for posterity and PURSE pride.