Monday, November 9, 2009

I met the midnight pacific time deadline PURsssse.

Lindsey has called me out on my "empty promises" of blogging. I think her phrase was "broken record of broken promises". So, in her honor I will post a quick slog tonight, in lieu of doing a myriad of other activities, such as cleaning the cervelo that has yet to be removed from its power-gel infested nesting spot in the bike box, or putting ear drops in the dog's ear, or attempting to teach Matt the scale of G on the piano (he's getting into the sharps...EXCITING!!!).

Anyway, I am happy to report that the power of the blog is strong. Due to the incredible generosity of slog reader (and now slog hero), CARL, I have secured a google wave invite. Now, we shall break into the 21.1st century of virtual training communication with google wave. Check back for exciting developments.

Since we haven't been doing much organized virtual training together and thus don't need accountability in that department, Lindsey and I have moved this virtual accountability model into other arenas - namely nutrition. The rules for this game are as follows - Lindsey is not allowed to consume nut butters between the temptation-laden hours of 7pm - 6am (and since she DARES NOT keep liquid kryptonite at work, it's essentially off limits all day) and she has allowed me a very short window on when I may eat candy - between 6am-8am,...quite generous of her, indeed.

Here is an excerpt of one of our gchats (this will be considered an ancient relic soon as we are switching over to WAVE):

Lauren: so you won't eat nut butters past SEVEN pm and i won't eat all
Lindsey: I CAN GIVE A TESTIMONIAL for the slog
I FREAKIN ATE A BANANA LAST NIGHT (4:40.. nearly breakfast)
Lauren: awesome
Lauren: I WILL ADD that story to the post you are forcing me to do against my will. We should also take a hiatus from triathlon websites
Lindsey: it's amazing
on any other night i would have opened that blasted jar
Lauren: lol
Lindsey: well one of many jars
or potentially EVERY jar
but instead I didn't even open the cabinet
Lauren: how many jars do you currently possess
Lindsey: 3
but only 2 are open
Lauren: haha; v impressive that you can keep these things
i had to throw out any and all random candy we had lying around
Lindsey: throw out as in take to work?
Lauren: yes and let the vultures descend

Other than that, there is nothing much going on over here. Team Pataky recently moved closer to the often-mention mountain lion reserve. I'm currently in the process of building a training dungeon in the garage for the computrainer, tready, and assortment of balls with which I use to roll out ailing body parts. I've also been doing some mtn biking with Matt and "the Frenchman" and have discovered that what is even more enjoyable than passing roadies on the tri bike is passing them on the mountain bike. Tip of the day - If you are having an "off day" but still want to mess with them, once you pass them and start to feel tired, just turn off at the next intersection and go into the dirt. It works every time....just don't fall on the curb or something.

The "Frenchman" aka Benoit at the Halloween cyclocross race.

I think this is long enough to count as a post so I am going to go now.


  1. sluT, last night I wanted to mix in cashew butter into my oatmeal... but I remembered this rule... UGH (what sacrifice, ha)... thank you.

  2. PLATINUM PURSE's new blogger profile pic scares me.