Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wildflower 2010 - asleep at the wheel

Last weekend I participated in the Wildflower Long Course triathlon.

I woke up early race morning to eat my rice/egg Lindsey-patented concoction but was barely able to swallow it. I segued to a much-beloved powerbar but it took me the full 30 min drive to the lake from our house to get that one down. Where is Lindsey when you need her culinary skills?

I fell asleep around 8:00am when the gun went off on Saturday morning and apparently swam and rode my bike coming into t2 in around 12th-ish place. I then woke up and found myself running up and down hills trying to kill thoughts that my back would flare up or that I'd acquire a season-frustrating injury like last year. I did manage to go faster than last year, but am not happy with my performance..specifically from a mental standpoint.

I read a fellow male pro's race report and was tempted to copy and paste it into this blog as I completely identified with his race....all about hesitating.

I did learn that in order to really race, I must jettison my doubts, specifically those about getting injured. There is no place in triathlon (as well as business, relationships,school, and life for that matter)for hesitation or doubt - this is a sure fire way to get one thrown off the back of the swim wave, among other issues. If I "control F"ed my entire email inbox, I can only imagine how many times I've written the word "back" or "injury." NO MORE I SAY!!!!

I am now ready to put my head down and focus on this next IM training block. Wildflower was an expensive lesson but one I apparently needed to learn so as not to make the same mistake again.

Pics to follow later....


  1. It has been said: JETTISON. the kiss of death.

  2. I was totally going to say what RexTemples said. Damn!

    I dunno, I am kind of a fan of the expensive lessons, mainly because those are the ones I actually learn. The cheap ones, you get what you pay for? Anyway, you're awesome.

  3. Hi Lauren - Friend of Lindsey's here, and fellow WF sufferer. If it makes you feel any better, among us AG'ers WF 2010 was a massacre. I was almost 1.5 hours slower than any previous half IM, my friend got hypothermia on the swim and was held in medical for an hour (yet still managed 2:30 on the bike, and then walked the run), another friend threw up all over himself for the entire 56 mile bike ride and had his first ever DNF, and yet another friend cried for about 60% of the run. So you see, WF was a soul crushing event this year! :)

  4. "moving on," "sleep," "some crying like a baby," "the i-word"

    LahP, even if your race wasn't the best, you have OUTDONE yourself, yet again with some of the most original blog post tagging in the whole of the internet. Bravo.

  5. Carl just made me laugh with his comment.

    I'm realizing mental is such a huge part of this whole pro thing.

    At least you didn't ride your bike tourist-style like I did - haha!

    nice work - you're going to crush the next one!

  6. 思想與理論,貴呼先於行動,但行動較思想或理論更高貴........................................

  7. as fellow reader philcrispin0 said, you two DO make a lovely couple of slooTs! and readers are wondering when they will get another post to read...