Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Yes, I know I have tragically failed to keep the blog updated lately. Most of the blame lies with LJ who clearly needs to post, though. (crickets..crickets..)

The purpose of this blog is to eliminate from view that terrible title from my previous post. No need to dwell on the past... The reason I have FAILED to blog lately is that I have been too busy trying to get the work done for this last block of Ironman training. Here is a sample of my past 6 weeks (excluding this lovely taper that Pataky has truly embraced more than I have):

Number of meltdowns and crying like a baby sessions with Matt: .5
Number of days with no running on the schedule: ZERO
Number of new injuries: ZERO
Number of new itunes songs I have purchased: Steve Jobs bought his latest house in woodside because of my itunes habit.

Number of snakes I have seen while riding/running: 6
Number of mountain lions I have seen while training: 0
Number of skunks I have seen while running: 1
Number of coyotoes I have seen while running: 2
Number of times I have found myself shopping aimlessly for "sports stuff" at Sports Basement: 4

Number of times I have driven my bike to Darrell at Front of the Pack to fix
something: 4
*Number of times I have emailed Darrell in a panic about the fact that my powermeter was clearly not working as I could not get into Zone 2(failed to remember that perhaps this is because I am actually tired): 3

Number of redeye flights I have taken followed immediately by a long bike ride: 1
Number of episodes of "Real Housewives of New Jersey" I have watched in a row while taking said red eye flight: 6 (Note: I don't recommend this)

Number of gchat lines I have exchanged with Lindsey: 3 trillion
Number of gels I have consumed: at least 2 boxes (gross!)

Anyway, I'm off to Idaho tomorrow and am ready to leave it all on the course this weekend. The Sherpa is prepped and ready to go as well replete with a new Sherpa shirt which will be revealed on race day.

*This resulted in the crying like a baby session with Matt.

NON training activities of the 6 week period jam-packed into one weekend in Jersey.

Darrell fixing my "broken" SRM.

A blog post would not be complete without a gratuitous picture of a mountain lion.


  1. Good luck this weekend! Although I know you won't be needing any luck. I'll be following online and cheering loudly!! :)

  2. I love a good blog post peppered with the threat of a vicious animal attack!!!

    ROCK ROCK ROCK ROCK it out this weekend!!!!!!!! I will be sending you massive PartTimePro Vibes and hoping you show 'em how a workin' girl throws down.

  3. Nice work LH! I see you pulled out a big #7 finish at CDA. V. impressive.

  4. Great race this weekend. What a great experience and performance.