Friday, September 21, 2012

USAT Nationals

"I thought you were going to slog? wtf. YOU are the one racing and haven't slogged all season. GET TO IT! :)"   
                    - LAHP

To spare you more stories from an exercise-crazed pregnant woman, I’ll get on with a race report from USAT Nationals which was in Buffalo.

I have been in Cleveland with my boyfriend, Kevin, in the weeks leading up to Buffalo (enjoying free housing and daily, fresh-made salsa, compliments of Joe Jerdonek) which made for an easy 3.5 hr drive to the race. We stayed with my amaaazing homestay from last year—Frank and Mary Pat, who made us a lovely sign:

Eggbombers--easy prep in a kitchen fo sho:

The swim is held in Lake Erie inside the breakwall and includes an eastern bloc backdrop. The men's start:

We lined up by ITU ranking. I donned #6, the highest number I’ve worn in an ITU race.

Individual athlete intros:

The color pink enhances my feminine side.

I started out conservative with the intention of swimming strong throughout (instead of fading). Although, I found myself in the throng of the near-drowning to the first turn buoy, so I still need to find the ideal get-out speed. The course was a 2-lap swim where we run up/down a boat dock between laps. After lap one, I straggled the main pack and regained contact with them at a turn buoy. It was easier once I was on feet again, but I separated from the pack when we hit choppy water toward the end. It surprised me how fast it happened (and how far away the pack got!), but I latched back on once on the bike.

I was in a pack of 8 girls who trailed behind Haskins and Duffy (1st and 2nd) up the road. The wind made it tough even though it was a mostly flat course. 15x 180 degree turns over the 40k:

I had the fastest T2 (SEVERAL seconds faster than Kevin's--dawdle dawdle dawdle) and was on the run first from my pack.

Shiver and the Canadian bridged up to me quickly and were gone just as fast. Anna and Spiel passed me not long after. On the final lap, when it seemed like I would be caught from girls in a chasing pack, Kevin’s coach, Jennifer, got my ass in gear with her relentless cheering: FIGHT FOR ITTT!!!!  She convinced me I could hold them off and I finished on a strong note, running hard into the finish. I was 7th OA and 5th American, and double dipped into 2 prize purses. TG.

Race director Dan Horan, probably congratulating me for finishing this time. I crashed out last year.

The race was a family affair--my Uncle Rich, Aunt Laurie, dad, Aunt Joan, and a sheep-herding relative (my mother) showed their support!

My homestay: Mary Pat, Frank & doggie Peyton:

I'm building momentum from early in the season when I got spanked at St. Anthony’s… and again in San Diego... Margie is pleased with the result and we're looking forward to the sprint distance Cancun World Cup with a Rev3 half (or 2) to follow.


  1. Peyton has nothing on Ronin and the boozler....

  2. I would thank the eggbomber for you success. Awesome job, kiddo!