Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Irondog: An Ode to the 109th Congress of 2005

While I typically have nothing nice to say about the US Congress from 2000-2006 and this will never make up for all the other crap they passed or failed to pass, I must give them a shout out for passing one piece of legislation near and dear to my heart: extended daylight savings!!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been doing most of my training indoors this winter due to not enjoying riding over 20mph in the darkness. I was therefore quite ecstatic when I learned last week that my days in the dungeon were drawing to a close. I love daylight. I crave daylight. I actual chose my wedding day to be the longest day of the year because of this daylight fetish (or perhaps that was because my mother forced that day upon me.) Anyway, today the only thing that got me out the door for my z4 fun run was knowing that I wouldn't have to play frogger at dusk with distracted SUV-drivers in a hurry to get home to CSI:insert glamorous city here. They really tend to get in the way of my intervals.

In honor of daylight savings I would like to bid adieu to my days in the garage by allowing you to screen this short film Matt put together about my indoor training with my west coast training partner, Ronin, who happens to be named after the most hardcore tv character known to humanity. I am training Ronin to run 6 minute miles in his sleep.....a rabbit for my overly competitive mind. Currently he is about 6 seconds per revolution of tail chase, but with my training philosophy of LSD running, powercranks, maximum heart rate calculations, FTP and TSS (yes I use a powermeter and don't understand these acronyms), GPS stalking devices, only training one's strength, accessing one's inner fat stores for fuel, and compression sock utilization, Ronin will endeavor to become an AG all american. Perhaps his mother will be prescient enough to force him to do swim team so that he can even go ITU and wear swedes. (I apologize to my non-triathlete friends for these sentences. Just erase them from your memory. If you do have kids, however, please make them join swim team at an early age.)

Happy Daylight Savings!!! Get out of the Garage!!!

PS: I don't advocate running with stick in mouth.

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