Wednesday, March 25, 2009

President's Motorcade Sighting on Run!

Yesterday Obama's motorcade passed me while on my run. It's only a matter of time before I'm in the inner-circle as I sometimes split a lane with Rahm at the pool super early in the morning. Yesterday's events are retold in the following chat with Lauren:

me: the prez drove past me on my run

Lauren: slobama?!?!? woot

me: yesssss

Lauren: awesome!

me: constitution ave was shut down so he drove past as i approached the lincoln memorial. i was running in the direction the motorcade was driving but it was RIGHT next to me. I looked over my shoulder as his car passed DID NOT STOP TO GAWK figured if he was looking out the window

Lauren: haha he would roll down and say "GTWD"!

me: he would be impressed that I WAS GTWD and not STOPPING HAHAHAH EXACTLY


  1. I'm jealous! The motorcade went by me at christmas and I acted like a total spaz. I did not look like a girl who GsTWD.

  2. SO glad you have a blog now....let's get the pups together very soon...

  3. Ladies,

    I am interested in using your motorcade shot in our website. Can I get the ok to do so? It would be perfect for what we are trying to portray.

    Jeff Flournoy
    ETA Logistics

  4. GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^