Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Package in THE MAIL!!!

After a long day of work and training, I came home, opened the mail box and found a surprise! Inside the mailbox was a small package addressed to me. This was the moment I had been thinking about for months.... and just in time for the Oceanside race this weekend!

I opened the package and unwrapped the most magnificent gray, dry-wicking tshirt ever. What is more, this tshirt is emblazoned with the logo of the DC Triathlon Club. Purse, being the generous and thoughtful athlete that she is, was kind enough to provide me with this awesome hand-me-down product for training and racing. Below is her thoughtful card.

I tried it on and it fits perfectly. It will be great for those cool and crisp California mornings when it it too cold to wear sleeveless shirts. This will also be perfect for wearing to and from training camps - a great replacement for my Princeton sweatshirt which Paulo deems "elitist." When feeling particularly east coasty, I could even don this shirt for a race!!!

Thanks for your support Lindsey/Purse!

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