Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Throwing down the gauntlet in the deep end

While doing a bit of house cleaning on this blog, I recently came across a draft of a post Lindsey was writing while en route to New York on the "Bolt Bus" last weekend (this is why I live in California....don't particularly like 6 hr bus rides without bathroom stops).

Excerpt from abandoned purse post:

"Swimming: A RETURN TO EQUILIBRIUM! LAHP and I have comparable times when I'm SCM and she swims SCY... THIS Even though my swimming volume is below the 20k threshold and workouts are dominated by one-armed swim drills and 25s sprints,"

Perhaps she hasn't yet perfected her "tone" but do I sense a bit of cockiness in her story about how "little" she swims to maintain this so-called "equilibrium?" Granted, I will never quite know what was to come after that hanging comma, but what's a girl supposed to think!

Regardless, I shall print this out and post it next to a few other "memoirs" I keep next to my bedside table to motivate me to get out of bed and swim.

We'll see where this "equilibrium" goes with the launching of the LAHP "make every swim count" slog challenge today. While Lindsey is busy getting a tan in Maui, I will be focused on GTWD with every meter on my schedule in the frozen tundra outdoor pools of the bay area.

Happy Swimming.

NO...this is not a picture of me.


  1. Hmm...sounds as if the gauntlet has been thrown... ;)

  2. Damn, that water looks cold in that pic!

  3. Is it just me or does that chick in the photo look like she's about to do a giant belly flop?

    Continue the gauntlet on the bike!

  4. SOON, you will have wished you NEVER assigned a different meaning to my words, sloot.

  5. That picture rocks. I do not like/understand how some people can swim fast w/out putting in tons of swimming time. NOT FAIR!!

  6. not fair? I swam more than what Lauren (and I) currently do in a day by the age of 9. 13k was a standard distance to do in a solid training DAY by the time I hit HS.. and i was only a sprinter, scorned by the 200 flyers and distance freestylers who did much more. ha.. if I have swum like 15-30 times the distance lahp has in our respective lifetimes, it's reasonable to think I can swim a 1500 a min faster.

  7. Yes, while I was busy climbing trees, hitting boys, playing tennis and volleyballl, and then drinking vodka in college (all clearly translatable skills for triathlon) LJ was busy in the pool. Even if I swim 20k a week for life, I'll never catch up to her mileage! :)