Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Active Dog Looking for New Home - HOW TO PR THE RUN NEXT SEASON

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A good friend of mine in San Francisco has to give up her one year old dog, Toby, and wants to find him a good (and active) home. I've copied her email into this blog post, along with some pictures of Toby. If you are interested (regardless of WHERE you live), send me an email (laurenharrison00@gmail.com) or comment and I'll put her in touch with you. Toby would be a GREAT way for you to PR your run next year. I guarantee it!


I am writing with sad news and because I need to ask for your help.

Due to personal circumstances, I need to find a new home for my 13 month old puppy, Toby.

If you know anyone who might want to adopt a 13 month old, incredibly energetic but also incredibly funny, smart, and loving dog, please let me know. I am more than willing to pay to fly him or drive him or whatever if you know anyone out of state (or just not nearby) that would take him.

I have put all of the breed, medical, temperament details about Toby below, and attached a few pictures.

Thanks for your help,


He is a mix, but the vet’s guess is that he is part Flat Coat Retriever and part Border Collie. I buy it. He looks just like a flat coat (I know I am partial, but I think he is gorgeous), has the energy and instincts of a border collie, and the intelligence and sweet personality of both breeds

- I adopted him from the San Francisco SPCA when he was about 3 months old. They had only had him for about 5 days before I adopted him. They don’t know his history before thato I do not want to give him up, but my circumstances have changed and I can’t afford him anymore·

- He is 13 months old and healthy, strong, and happy
- He has been neutered (all rescues from the SPCA are neutered before they can be adopted out)
- He has had all of his first vaccines, but will be due for his next set when he is a year and a half, which is in March
- I give him Frontline and Interceptor, so he is covered for heartworm and flea stuff
- He weighs about 45 pounds
- I can provide full medical records. My vet is Pets Unlimited on Fillmore St. in SF
- He has never been sick but was recently bitten badly and needed surgery and stitches on one of his hind legs. I was really scared, not so much for his physical health because I knew that he would get better since he is so young and healthy, but that the incident would change his personality. Thank goodness, it has not. He is physically 100% better and his temperament is as wonderful and hilarious as always. Which leads me to…

Toby – Force of Nature
- He is an incredibly great dog, but he is also a force of nature. His new owner needs to be ready for a really, really high energy dog. Toby is the first pet that I have ever had, but even seasoned dog owners tell me that he is truly one of a kind
- He is loving and loyal beyond belief. He keeps close tabs on me
- He wags and wiggles his entire body upon seeing someone because he is so happy
- He loves and is great with kids. He loves and is great with just about everyone and everything, for that matter (except pigeons… I think his goal in life is to one day catch a pigeon)
- He gets along with other dogs, no problem, despite the biting incident I described above
- He loves – and needs – to play and get a lot of exercise
- During the week, I have a dog walker that takes him out for 2-3 hours during the day, and then I take him out for an hour to an hour and a half when I get home from work
- On weekends, I take him to the beach for about 2 hours in the morning, and then out again in the afternoon / evening for another hour or so
- I take him out for short bio breaks as well, but they take all of about 3 minutes
- He loves to swim, chase, tussle, etc.
- He barks – A LOT – when he plays, but only when he plays. He is totally quiet in the house unless he is really startled or worried about something outside (which I actually don’t mind… makes me feel safe)

- I don’t want to sugarcoat this, so I will admit – Toby has been known to chew shoes. This is largely my fault, since my house is a mess and I leave shoes lying around, but still – beware. If you do take my baby boy, put your shoes away!




  1. so cool of you to do this. i hope it helps find the tobster a home.
    ps: that dog gets more exercise than i do.

  2. Necessity is the mother of invention..........................

  3. I shared a blow up mattress with Toby.