Thursday, January 21, 2010

Basketball Takeaways for the World of Triathlon

LJ's boyfriend Carl recently sent her this gem of an interview with Houston Rockets star T-Mac (Tracy McGrady). While I dabbled in basketball during my formative highschool years as a respite from the daily tennis sessions, I've let my basketball knowledge slip lately so I had to google this guy. Apparently, this T-Mac character has had some injuries which have prevented him from reaching his best the past few years. He is currently working hard to rehab and what I find most motivating is his attitude.

Interviewer: You've heard all the doubters saying that they don't know if you can make it back to being the player you used to be. Is the pain you're enduring during rehab all the motivation you need and do you feel confident that all the work you've put in here can get you back to the same level you were at?

TM: I'm not necessarily worried about the doubters saying anything. If they feel like I can't back to the player I once was I don't care about that. That's not gonna motivate me. What motivates me is I'm not finished. I got some unfinished business left on the court. I'm not happy the way last season went, so that's motivation in itself. I know what I'm gonna do and what I'm gonna get back to, so I know where I'm gonna be. Once I leave this place and I'm healthy, I'm gonna be ready because I'm not satisfied the way last season went.


  1. I especially like the tag for this post:
    "no crying like a baby." awesome!

  2. This'll work for me, too. Especially when it comes to the run. I did not like the way last season went with the run.