Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Washington DC Snowfall

DC has been a ghost town the last 6 days due to the snowfall, lack of cleanup on the streets/sidewalks and the federal gov't closings.

Notice the 3 inch thick layer of compacted snow/ice in the roads...

On a Sunday morning walk...
Here, Connecticut Avenue Bridge crosses Rock Creek Park--this is where I usually cycle, but currently this is where I sled (FULL DISCLOSURE: I went on ONE RUN on an abandoned garbage lid... after living on the edge, once, I can resume my risk-averse lifestyle)

2 girls loving their cardboard sled
Marilyn looks on as Carl cookie-sheets it down the hill

Sledding essentials
Aside from working from (someone else's) home... notice the plethora of natural light, occasional stops at the office, training indoors and walking through food-less grocery stores, I am having a blast in the kitchen and making the best of the extra morning time in egg creations.

Midwestern frittata (FRITTATAS ARE SO EASYYY to assemble and retain their heat longer than scrambled eggs; fact)

Rib Eye Steak w/ blue cheese, lemon asparagus, chambord carrots and cinnamoney sweet potatoes. Note to Lauren, I ate a PORTION of the steak
Calvert Street, NW DC on Saturday, Feb. 6

Calvert Street, NW DC on Wednesday, Feb. 10


  1. Was wondering about you and how you were making out with all the snow. We have crap-loads of it but I know you guys have even more! Anyway, looks like you are making due with the situation in great ways! YAHOO! Yummy looking food! :)

  2. ...woops, thought I was somewhere else for a sec. =)

    ps. Wilson swim tomorrow?

  3. You only ate a portion? I don't believe it...

  4. Beth - are YOU becoming bffs with your trainer? :)


    Ray - unfortunately there is no photographic evidence of the leftovers. You'll have to take my word for it... fyi, the carrots were inspired by your jack daniel's carrots dish!

  5. Looks great - the snow & the food!