Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Bikes are IN

Here are a couple pics of my new rides. To start, I am a proud new owner of a sparkling Madone 5.2 from Trek in white/platinum (I'm a traditional girl). This is me posing with the bike on Sunday before previewing the Columbia course for 2 loops and a transition run. The guys at Revolution Cycles in Georgetown (spitting distance from THE running store, Georgetown Running Company) built the Madone in ONE DAY.

And here's the new tri bike, the TTX. I'm packing it up soon to take with me to California for Timex Camp so Paulo can fit me on it while LAHP RACES. I bet he is super excited to tinker with the fit...

The most exciting feature is the PowerTap-outfitted race wheels. The PowerTap measures the watts you produce while riding so you can see just how well (or poorly) your workout is going... it's similar to swimming in a pool w/ a pace clock. Yes, race wheels are intended for workouts! :) I did not know the PowerTap was coming in my shipment from Timex... <3

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  1. WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

    Go sis!

    Lovin' the ITU bike ya got there! ;)