Friday, April 3, 2009

Oceanside 70.3: pre-race evening

I flew into San Diego this afternoon and was greeted by Timex teammates Jodi and Bruce. Jodi and I are newbies to the Timex team--Bruce successfully scared us with initiation stories about camp which takes place Saturday-Tuesday. Hmmm... We met up with Lauren and Matt at an Italian restaurant to FUEL for tomorrow.   Even though I'm not racing, I was peer-pressured into carbo loading with Lauren and Jodi (Matt gave me the first slice of the appetizer pizza and Bruce offered me a jumbo-roll before wolfing down my chicken/spaghetti mound).

After dinner, I jumped in the car with L&M and we BOOKED IT to the closest ice cream store.
Supporting to the max... 

Matt unpacking the car THANK YOUUU

Lauren getting PSYCHED UP by channeling the message from the latest ed. of The Economist (Under Attack)

Mimicking Lauren's finger-pointing pose, I'm drawing attention to the near-record 58 hits to the slog today.  We may have seen higher volumes at some point, but this is remarkable for a day when neither Lauren nor I were at work inflating the #s with multiple web page hits.

Sleep time...


  1. I MISS DA SISTAHS!!!!!!! :(


    and most importantly.... DOMINATE!!!!!!!!!!!!