Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oceanside wrap-up

Congrats to LAHP for completing her first race of the season!  It was cool to see her rack her bike with the other pros and cheer her on throughout the morning.  My take-away from her race experience is to always STAY FOCUSED.  Over the course of several hrs, things happen and you can't let your mind wander, or worse, dwell on something that is (soo) over (i.e., telling your husband/coach/slog co-author about going off-course MID-RACE will not get you across the finish line any sooner).  :)  :)  I am really proud of LAHP--next up for her is Wildflower... which has a punishing bike course.  GOOD.  She is recovering and getting back to work soon! 

Race day photos:  LAHP heading to transition in the morning...

Lauren told us after the race--surprisingly, not during--that she saw us positioned on the rocks taking these photos.  This is a good sign that in swim practice, she will master the ability to see her swim splits during 400s by peeking at the pace clock before flip turns.

Andy Potts on the run...
I actually didn't get any pictures of Lauren after the swim since I was busy cheering and post-race she wasn't in a picture-taking mood, ha.  ;-)

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