Friday, April 17, 2009

Texass Love

I am EN ROUTE to Lubbock, TX, for the 2012 Talent ID and am enjoying a longer than expected layover in DFW.  Keeping with tradition, I will use this newfound time to slog.

Before Mar-08, I had never visited the great state of LAHP's birth, but now I am on my 6th trip thru/to TX.  Dallas is experiencing severe weather storms which caused cancellation to my connecting flight this morning.  Initially, I was reaccomodated* on a flight to LBB tomorrow morning, but I suppressed my whiney voice and the AA lady gave me a seat on a flight this afternoon (bypassing the 40 people on the standby list in front of me who weren't gchatting when the flight cancellation announcement was made).  Sadly, that flight was cancelled and I hope to get out tonight.

This throws a slight monkey-wrench into the day's plans as I should be lunching with Mark and his athlete, Dan, previewing the course, attending the pre-race meeting and touring the Buddy Holly Center in downtown Lubbock.  At least I travel with reserves in case of extenuating circumstances.  I still have fig newtons and a Luna bar, and if worse comes to worse, I'll subsist on the almonds, raisins and pieces of shredded wheat lurking at the bottom of my backpack from this morning's spill.

Me smiling:

Smiling harder:

*Not an actual word, but channeling the spirit of Colbert and will use it regardless


  1. UPDATE: Purse finally got on a flight to Lubbock. Everyone can relax now and sleep comfortably tonight, with the knowledge that Purse will make her race tomorrow! :)


    We'll be thinking of you during your race ;-)

  3. Nice pics. You should try to look even more grumpy.

    "Okay, those two weren't good enough, now I'll make a gutteral groan in hopes that my webcam pic looks even more dismayed. Gotta show true colors on the SLOG."

    Good luck.

  4. Good luck at the race, that's a pretty awesome opp!