Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Resurrection Camp - Part 2a

Purse came to visit Team Pataky (that would be me, Matt, and the dogs) on the west coast, and while we were on different training schedules (I’m in recovery, she is ramping up to race) we still managed to have our own personal training/gchatting without the “g” camp. She has promised to slog about the first half of “camp” so I am left with part 2, which shall have to be published first, as she is too busy to slog.

Anyway, Friday I returned home from work to face an impending zone 5 interval bike ride. Purse didn’t have anything scheduled, and being the magnanimous person that she is, agreed to play DJ and motivator (between her ab work and trigger pointing) as I mounted my bike on the computrainer. Her DJ expertise proved to be extraordinary as she picked just the right dance mix to help me jettison my zone 5 intervals into a new hundreds digit. This was huge. Afterwards we celebrated by dancing to the song that got me there.

Lauren and Zone 5 interval fun!

Computrainer Proof!

Purse flexing for the competition (not actually riding).

I would show pictures of Ronin the dog dancing to this song as well, but they are rated NC-17, as he was more interested in reenacting this song with a pillow.

On Saturday we woke up early for a swim workout. Matt came along as well, but wasn't so keen on doing our set (or he was scared of the Purse interval). I also worked on developing my "swimitude." (For all of you people not familiar with my vocab, "swimitude" refers to an attitude of supreme confidence which is exhuded at all times. Most people who swam competitively growing up manifest decent levels of swimitude.) As I learned on Saturday, people with swimitude don't wait at the wall for the faster person to swim through...they make that faster person swim around them or attempt to prevent being lapped.

After the swim set, Purse and Matt headed out for a two hour tour de Silicon Valley. I had a long run to do, but heard via Matt that they had a great time taking Purse up Old La Honda and trying to drop her on the descents.

Next on the agenda was a quick drive up to SF to meet up with Purse's cool cousin. We were also planning to meet up with Paulo, who was on some whirlwind tour of national parks, but apparently he got lost trying to drive the 4 blocks to our restaurant. Hmmmm.

Before dinner, however, we both had additional items on the training schedule. Lindsey had to do a short run and I pointed her in the direction of the "fun" Alcatraz run course. Most importantly, I had to stop off at Sports Basement, the MECCA of all shopping which serves as a black hole for much of my income.

After my shopping extravaganza, I headed out towards Chrissie Field to meet up with Purse and walk back to the car. I finally spotted her pink visor but accompanying this visor was a scowling, angry face. Apparently she missed the running trails and she was also manifesting some type of low blood sugar issue. She babbled incoherently at me for a few minutes..something about 13 minutes and sweet potato...and then kept on going. I finally met her at the car where she whipped out a baked yam from her purse and took a big bite. random.

On Easter Sunday we all headed up to a local park with the dogs for a pre-ride sunrise hike.

Purse underestimates the strength of PatakyHarrison dogs.

After the hike it was time for our ride out to Canada Road....land of triathletes who want to race before the race (self included!). Purse was working on her ITU drafting skills, so I did my intervals for the first 2 hours (with Purse helping me keep the watts in check!) and then switched places and latched on for a free ride home. Unfortunately, Purse decided to eat right before her zone 3 intervals, and had some issues which were only resolved by her abandoning her bike and lying down flat on the road multiple times. At one point, three sets of good samaritans rushed to our assistance, thinking that she was dying or something. We did finally make it back home and spent the rest of the day relaxing before taking her to the airport...which marked the conclusion of Res Camp 2009.


  1. Swimitude. I like it! I need it! So you say...just make them swim around you 'eh? ;)


  3. She babbled incoherently at me for a few minutes..something about 13 minutes and sweet potato...and then kept on going. I finally met her at the car where she whipped out a baked yam from her purse and took a big bite. random.

    THAT's the Purse we know and love!

  4. Caroline--they feed Ronin UNDERWEAR. SYNTHETIC UNDERWEAR!